Epoxy Resin

Electronic, electrical & electric appliances


UL-94-V-O approved Series that can cure both in room temperature or elevated temperature in an oven with either hand or soft finishes. Suitable for Diodes, Capacitors or high-tech devices insulation that requires cold resistance, high voltage resistance and high heat conductivity.


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Ornaments, Gifts & Souvenirs


Decorative doming epoxy resin for both hard & soft finishes. Main applications are for doming of emblems, medallions, labels, stickers & etc. Special features consist non-sag (3-dimensional surface doming), fast curing, UV-resistance, super-soft and for imitating of hard enamels.


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Consist of single-component & two-component types both suitable for construction purposes and for adhesion on stone, metal, rubber & most plastics.


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Construction Engineering


Rectifying on concrete defects, inserting reinforced starter-bas, leveling elevated bridge supports, embossed road surface marking and Epoxy Mortar grounting.


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Use as clean-room and acid/alkali resistant floor coating. Also can be use on ceramic, metal & timber surface decorative coating.


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Color Range (addible to Epoxy resin, Polyester, PVC resin & Silicone)


Transparent color series, fluorescent color series, unleaded color series, luminous powder series.




UV-Cured Ink


This photoactive ink is best for exquisite electronic circuit board etching and for other metal etching industries.


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