Epoxy Resin


Our Epoxy encompasses excellent weather resistance, good chemical stability, sate and user friendly. We also committed to develop product with better adhesion properties, higher mechanical strength, and better dielectric properties. As requested, we also offer customized products with specific colors to satisfy customerís requirement.


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Polyurethane Resin


Polyurethane is non-yellowing, highly flexible and high gloss. It is a superior weather, chemical and abrasion resistant coating. Intended for outdoor applications due to its resistance to yellowing after continuous exposure to the elements.


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Silicone Resin


Widely use in Electronic and Electrical industries for insulation, adhesion, sealing, water/moisture-proofing, vibration resistance and for other purpose. Commonly used in mould making such as for casting of polyester & PVC-resin and even for high-temperature centrifugal spin casting of alloys.


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Cyanoacrylate Adhesive


Adhesives possess the following features:

(1). Better adhesion, rubber toughened

(2). Suitable for different kinds of substrates

(3). Low-odor, low blooming

(4). Impact resistance

Compared to other types of cyanoacrylate adhesives,

MXBON?/SUP> Series provide quick-setting, high strength, easier operations, and suitability to various kinds of industrial needs. 



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Hot Melt Road Marking


To produce road marking material that conforms to the specified standard and excelling in safety when it enters the equation.


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